100+ Nicknames for Potheads and Stoners. If so, look over through this insane directory of stoner labels

100+ Nicknames for Potheads and Stoners. If so, look over through this insane directory of stoner labels

Could you be a canabisseur? In that case, look through this crazy selection of stoner labels.

It’s no secret that cannabis/marijuana/weed (or whatever you call-it) has a lot of nicknames. But there’s also a few nicknames for people who enjoy the wacky backy.

We’ve created a huge listing of over stoner labels pertaining to anyone partial to a combined or two. This list of pothead nicknames includes some fancy stoner nicknames, some popular stoner nicknames, and some international stoner labels, also.

Tasteful Stoner Nicknames

If you smoke but are finding a listing of classier stoner nicknames as compared to classics, look no further than this listing below.

  1. Cannabisseur – Like a connoisseur, only best.
  2. Chiefer – an individual who may be the fundamental of reefer.
  3. Herbalist – For a fan of green things.
  4. Herbivore – A plant-eater, or a plant smoker, in this situation.
  5. Room Cowboy – When obtaining as high as area, a genuine smoker runs the online game like a cowboy.
  6. High-flyer – that isn’t only a phrase pertaining to anyone leading people, a joint can provide you with this concept as well.
  7. Weedpreneur – comparable to a Ganjapreneur however very as profitable.
  8. Spliff Queen – the woman is the queen of rolling spliffs.

Strategy Dependent Stoner Nicknames

Getting they back again to essentials, there are a few easier brands for stoners in line with the work of smoking weed itself. This amazing nicknames are all method-based.

  1. Smoker – a fairly self-explanatory nickname as a person who smokes things is called a tobacco user.
  2. Blower – Through the operate of blowing out fumes from a joint of weed.
  3. Roller – A roller is actually someone who rolls a joint.
  4. Zooie – A name fond of anybody in possession of a joint of grass.
  5. Flyer – mind when you look at the clouds, that is a nickname for a happy tobacco user.
  6. Puffer – a periodic smoker, a person that doesn’t inhale in excess.
  7. Blaster – For this pal exactly who blasts through every joint.
  8. Bong friend – an amusing nickname for a stoner just who really loves his bong.

Regular Stoner Nicknames

Even though the new nicknames is generally intriguing and amusing, it is advisable to go back to classic and well-known nicknames for those who take pleasure in a fumes.

Let’s read some of those now.

  1. Mary Jane – the most traditional brands for marijuana.
  2. Ganja – Another traditional, this comes from title for the Ganges lake that moves through India.
  3. Weedhead – A nickname for someone just who smokes many grass.
  4. Enthusiast – people known for smoking cigarettes also an obtaining large off other drugs.
  5. Doper – from the renewable term for marijuana, dope.
  6. Weedie – The provider with the class, this will be a reputation when it comes to one who’s always had gotten a stash.
  7. Potthead – Regular. The normal tobacco user that is a tiny bit classic.
  8. Red-eye – from a red-eye journey, this person smokes forever.
  9. Hippie – cherished through to ganja with flora within locks.
  10. Air Head – The stoner equivalent of a “dumb blonde.”
  11. HRH – Their Royal Highness.
  12. Bush Medical Practitioner – By Peter Tosh.

Witty Stoner Nicknames

From “ganja glutton” to “bong inhale,” your won’t must be puffing to chuckle at these funny stoner brands.

  1. Ganja Glutton – A glutton are someone money grubbing just who likes to engage her vices. This nickname is for the greediest man with the joint.
  2. Reefer Chiefer – a chief of cannabis, this name is produced by the film ‘Reefer insanity.’
  3. Imperial Monkey Balls – title for a particular tension of cannabis, guaranteed to build your friends make fun of.
  4. Spleef Bongtoker – produced by the words “spliff” which means a joint of weed and “bong,” a setup always smoke marijuana.
  5. Weed Mower – this might be for a tobacco user just who mows through weed more quickly than a yard mower mows through an industry, we know one.
  6. Iron Lungs – regular smokers must create lungs of iron for levels a number of them can smoke cigarettes all at once.
  7. Smokie McPot – A Scottish derived nickname for stoners.
  8. Lettucehead – for now as soon as mind flops after a strong combined, e., like a lettuce.
  9. Yard Taster – anyone who has their own hydroponic manufacturer, testing the weed because they get.
  10. Bong air – That one’s very self-explanatory, proper?
  11. Asparagus – one of many weirdest slang brands for marijuana, this 1 is actually for the vegan cigarette smoker of cluster.
  12. Fatty follower – someone that used too-much which resulted in overeating considering the munchies.
  13. Hamburger son – Hamburger try a name for poor quality marijuana, so this name’s the lad lowest on earnings buying the most affordable weed in.
  14. Roacher – the one that lighting right up final night’s roach each day. Roach indicating the actual end of the joint.

Stoner Nicknames for Guys

There have likely come tens of thousands of nicknames for man stoners invented over the years. Yet not a few of these have actually survived. Here are a few of the most extremely prominent stoner nicknames that have stood the exam of time.

  1. Bob – The name of notorious Bob Marley.
  2. Marley – The surname of Bob Marley, perfect for a stoner chap.
  3. Damien – motivated by certainly Bob Marley’s sons.
  4. Baker – A name Warren escort review for somebody whom smokes marijuana
  5. Ziggy – This nickname comes from another child of Bob Marley.
  6. Bud – The best part of the cannabis also produces an excellent nickname for a man.
  7. Blaze – simply in order to say it is for you personally to “blaze with Blaze.”
  8. Jerry – motivated by the United states Singer/Songwriter, Jerry Garcia.
  9. Ace – perhaps not the ace of notes but another term for a combined, or men.
  10. Jack – shortest for Jack The Ripper as “rip” try a slang phrase for marijuana.
  11. Fela – The celebrated Afrobeats Ganja Man.

Stoner Brands for women